the-startup-stack: Progress Report Feb 29 2016

I’ve been quiet for 14 days straight, the project has been going strong, even
though the “public” activity has not changed much.

Few things have changed:

  1. There’s another usage of the-startup-stack in the wild with an established
    startup. They are using mesos, chronos and chef straight out of the startup
    stack with no changes which is awesome.
  2. I am working on documenting what I have learned in the process into the docs
  3. I changed the chef bootstrapping process to only include the absolute
    minimum requirements.

Few things are still a challenge

  1. Working with an existing stack: If you already have your VPC on Amazon and
    you have something already started. the terraform configuration and
    bootstrapping process are really “too much”. There’s work needed here.
  2. I am thinking of abstracting some of the “complex” commands into a CLI tool
    that will be easier to run. something like stack new chef and stack new marathon.

That’s pretty much it for the last couple of weeks. More to come soon.

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