The Creative Network - Live streaming a full stack web app

For the last month or so, I have been live streaming myself coding my day to
day tasks on Twitch, LiveEdu, and Youtube

It’s been a really fun experience but I feel there should be something tying
everything together. One single long-running project can do that.

A little while ago, Stephens and I had an
idea for an app we could pair on as a learning experience for him (We worked
for the same company at the time). We didn’t end up working on it together and
we decided we’re going to do it while live streaming and pairing.

The application

The application is called “The Creative Network” and it as a place where you
can share your creative space for inspiration and for people with the same
hobby to find inspiration.

For example, say you want to share your awesome home office. You can take
pictures, add some description and so on.

So far, nothing special, the really cool feature is that you’ll be able to tag
the images with product links, and people will be able to buy the products
right from your page.



Product page

These are the homepage and the product page.

Tech stack


Server side:



Channels to follow


Right now, we are planning on doing this 3 times a week between 9:30pm and 11pm
PST. You can watch it live then OR you can watch the Youtube channel at your
own time. Whatever you decide to do, please participate, ask questions and be