How to easily generate beautiful api documentation

We recently opened a couple of API endpoints at Gogobot to the public.

I was looking for a way to generate API documentation in a good looking way, one that will appeal to my fellow developers.

After a little while search with Google, I thought I had it nailed with a Twitter Bootstrap theme, but the way I had to generate the documentation was too manual, I had to edit lots of files and I really didn’t find it “easy”.

So, I was looking around some more, and I finally found a really easy way to generate API documentation here:

It really nailed everything I was looking for:

  1. Super easy customizable template.
  2. Intuitive documentation
  3. Document versioning
  4. Version compare

Everything is super easy and at your fingertips.

One thing that I have to say badly about it, is that it’s using an old deprecated Markdown parser, but I am already working to fix it and post a Pull Request for it (Gotta love open source)