Vim snippets for easy Golang testing

If you are a regular reader of this blog or even follow my rants on Twitter
( @KensoDev ), you know I am an automation freak, if I do something more than a
couple of times a day, I will definitely automate it a.s.a.p.

Since I’ve started working with Go, one of the things I’ve been missing the
most is an automated way to start testing a file.

I am talking about the plumbinb, the initial package name, the Suite etc…

I created a couple of vim snippets for this that save me a lot of time and I
thought it’s worth sharing

snippet gotestclass
	package ${1}

	import (
		. ""

	func Test${2}(t *testing.T) { TestingT(t) }

	type $2Suite struct{}

	var _ = Suite(&$2Suite{})

	func (s *$2Suite) Test${3}(c *C) {

snippet gotest
	func (s *${1}Suite) Test${2}(t *testing.T) {

If you are interested in this sort of automation and shortcuts, you can also
check out my dotfiles on github kensodev/dotfiles Or my vim settings on kensodev/dotvim