the-startup-stack: Progress Report Feb 10 2016

What is the-the-startup-stack and why?


I’ve been working on this project “in secret” for a few months now.
Hard to really say “secret” about something that has been open source on github
since day one. I guess what I mean is that there were no “announcements” around
it and I haven’t written about it at all.


I feel that getting into “DevOps” is too diffucult for a lot of companises and
startup becuase there’s no “framework” that will conslolidate the tools that
are available out there.

Getting started should be a matter of hours and not days.

The ultimate goal is that you will be able to start your operations in the
cloud in 2-3 hours and grow from there.

Diving into what has changed

Code Changes

  1. Refactored the terraform configuration that drives everything. Modularized
    the different parts, allowing you to start different services without
    touching others.
  2. Easier bootstrapping for chef-server with the key and secret for SSL.
  3. Adding MongoDB to the list of Databases supported. This is done in order to
    support the stack
  4. Initial (alpha) working version of the Rails server. (Not fully tested)

Near future plans

Near future plans are really to consolidate everything into an easily usable
stack. Making it easy to launch services, databases and more.


I think CI is a major pipeline yet to be decided, there are many services out
there (CircleCI and others). However, as of now, I am reluctant to use those
and more drawn to a Jenkins based workflow.
I feel that this will allow for more control in the future, building more
complex pipelines.


DNS remains an issue. Since some of the services really need a “domain” in
order to work (at least a public one).

I wanted to go with Amazon Route53 but I am not sure what is the adoption of
this service. DNSimple is also an option but again, I don’t ant to force too
many decisions on the companies using the project.

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