The Startup Stack Progress Report Feb 15 2016

First use of “the-startup-stack” in the wild

Well, this is exciting. There’s at least one use of the stack in the wild.
This is a super exciting checkpoint for me, since it allows me to really test
everything and I have already started making changes to reflect the feedback I

Better Chef Server documentation

One of the very first feedbacks I got is that the chef server documentation
were connfusing.

Since this is the very first thing you are required to do, this is really a
problem since it sets the tone for everything else.

In order to make sure the experience is better, I changed the documentation and
the cookbooks to make it much easier.

Here’s what I’ve done

  1. Separate on premise and SAAS documentation into separate pages
  2. Change the terraform configuration template of clout-init
  3. Change terraform configuration for SSL certificate
  4. Adding “prerequisite” section to the docs, making sure it’s the top section
    on the page. Harder to miss.

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